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Dr. Malik and his staff pride themselves in providing the best dental care possible in an innovative, secure, safe and friendly environment at a very competitive cost. As well as every patients general dental needs, we can also help achieve the best cosmetic dental results to gaining a fantastic natural bright, smile.

We provide dental care for adults and children under the NHS. We also provide affordable Private Dental treatment at very competitive costs.
Full written details of our NHS & Private fee scale are available from Reception.

Good communication with our patients is very important to us and we take time to explain proposed treatment, any risks associated with it as well as available alternatives. There will always be time to ask any questions about the treatment or any other aspect of care at the practice.

Here you can find information regarding services at Forest Dental Care.

  • NHS care
  • Private care
  • Nervous patients
  • Childrens dental care
  • Orthodontic care
  • Reminders and recalls


NHS Dental Care

Forest Dental Care has agreed with NHS England to provide a full range of NHS dental services for all patients. We always aim to provide a high standard of care and service for all patients.

NHS dental care includes all treatment necessary to secure and maintain oral health. Some patients may be exempt from paying part or all of the NHS fees for treatment depending on certain circumstances/benefits; patients can find posters and leaflets at reception detailing costs and types of treatments available on the NHS.
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the NHS arrangements.
NHS patients can also opt to have part of their treatment carried out privately should they wish as cosmetic treatment is excluded from the NHS. For a full explanation of NHS Dental Service for England please visit the “NHS CHOICES” website at: http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/AboutNHSservices/dentists/Pages/dental-services-available-on-the-NHS.aspx



Private Dental care

Private treatment gives you more flexible appointment times throughout the week to see your dentist as well as an even more personalised service, wider range of materials and higher quality laboratory work for a better aesthetic result.
We are able to offer a greater range of treatment options available privately that the NHS does not offer, as well as even more flexible opening hours during weekdays and weekends. Your dentist and practice staff will be pleased to provide information on private care at the practice.

Click here to see all the benefits of private care at Forest Dental Care


Nervous Patients

We can understand that many patients are nervous about visiting a dentist, especially for the first time, or even after a long time, or bad experience. At Forest Dental Care we pride ourselves in looking after nervous patients in offering a sensitive and reassuring service and however can refer patients to a nearby practice for minor oral surgery such as the removal of wisdom teeth or for sedation, etc


Children’s Dental Care
Helping our young patients get into the routine of caring for their teeth and gums is very important to us, so we offer small gifts to help build a healthy assured relation with children visiting the dentist.

Childrens dental


Orthodontic Care

When patients need orthodontic treatment and meet the Government’s guidelines for NHS care, we will refer you to a local orthodontist who undertakes NHS work.
If the extent of treatment needed is not enough to qualify for NHS treatment, we can refer you to a private orthodontist.


Reminders and recalls

At the end of your course of treatment, your dentist will discuss with you when you will need to see a dentist again. NHS dentists will now follow guidelines issued by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) on how often patients need to see their dentist, according to their oral health needs. It is no longer the norm for NHS patients to have two NHS check-ups each year, if you do not need them. You can of course visit your dentist more often privately if you prefer to talk to your dentist more regularly about your oral health needs, have a regular visit for hygienist treatment and have the reassurance that all is well.


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*evening & weekend appointments for private only

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